Egyptian Regulatory Reform and Development Activity (ERRADA) is an Egyptian initiative to support the government’s efforts to build a regulatory management system to review and streamline business related regulations. This reform effort is based on a dialog between public and private institutions and civil society, aimed at increasing economic efficiency, competitiveness and creating more job opportunities.

The Initiative was officially launched in 2008 under the Sub-cabinet Committee for the Productive Sector. In March 2011, HE Prime Minister Dr. Essam Sharaf assigned oversight of ERRADA to the Sub-cabinet Committee for Monitoring Economic Performance, chaired by the Minister of Finance, according to Prime Minister Decision No. 436/2011.

ERRADA seeks to enhance business environment through review of business related regulations and issue recommendations. Through th review ERRADA aims to resolve the following issues:

  • Multiplicity of complex overlapping regulations.
  • No clarity of valid regulations.
  • Absence of a system to identify implicitly repealed decrees.
  • Overlap of authorities issuing regulations.
  • Inconsistency in regulation drafting cycle across ministries.
  • Lack of specific mechanism to study the economic impact of new regulations.


Enhance business environment through better regulations.


Building a regulatory management system, based on a dialog between public and private institutions and civil society, aimed at increasing efficiency, competitiveness and creating more job opportunities.


  1. Identify all valid business related regulations through inventory.
  2. Streamline business related regulations through review of inventory, in consultation with business community and civil society.
  3. Make all business related regulations accessible to the public through an electronic registry.
  4. Seek to introduce regulatory impact assessment (RIA), in order to lay down the foundation for principles of transparency and decision making based on analysis.

In the initial stage, 10 ministries (Administrative Development, Agriculture, Finance, Health, Housing, Investment, Local Development, Tourism, Trade and Industry and Transport) joined the Initiative.

A pilot was also launched in the Governorate of Red Sea, Cairo and Alexandria to compile and review business related regulations.

International Efforts to Support ERRADA

Within the framework of cooperation with international organizations, which seek to support national reform efforts in Egypt, ERRADA has received since its inception technical and financial assistance from USAID through:

  • Workshops to raise capacity of staff in the Initiative;
  • Study tours to countries that have undergone regulatory reform and/or administrative simplification, such as Croatia, Moldova, Turkey and Ireland;
  • Hosting international experts to learn about experiences of other countries in enhancing business environment through regulatory reform;
  • Providing equipment to facilitate the work of ERRADA.
ERRADA Organization Structure